This week I Remembered what it feels like... to be a beginner

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This week, I remembered.

I remembered what it was like to be a beginner.

To have my brain freeze with information overload - even automatic photography functions had been rendered forgotten.

I felt totally stupid.

"Call yourself a professional Tan?"

I had a 30 second wobble.  A trained therapist.  A professional photographer.  I have my shit together right? I really do; I practice positivity every single day.  I shoot every day if I can.

As I'm stood, my trusty Canon 5dm3 in video mode... holding the lens in front of the sensor, trying to operate the focus and start the video ... the exposure was wrong.

My mind went totally blank - rendered useless momentarily. 

I had that feeling of dread, the fear had taken hold.  I knew I was looking a total wally.  It envelopes you that feeling.

ACTUALLY, what I was doing was mind-reading.  Because that's not how I feel when people have that moment when I'm teaching.

What I actually say is "Take a breath.  You've got this.  Just take a moment." 

So, I understand how beginners can be totally overwhelmed with their camera.  The settings.  The posing.  What to say and not to say to models (believe me there is etiquette).  How to edit.  What your workflow is.  What gear you NEED (yep called G.A.S - Gear Acquisition Syndrome - we all have it by the way!).

BUT I had forgotten what it was like in the beginning.  I really had.  Everything I do is so 'competent/competent' that I don't have to worry about anything other than working with my clients, directing and getting creative.  Oh shit, don't forget the fun right?! 

As I took in wave after wave of information about cinematography - beginning to have that excitement build over telling a visual story with moving images.... I actually said out loud...

..."This is the best money I've ever spent! I now know I don't want to do this"... 

But as the layers of information flowed over me, as I began to feel the stirring of creativity, the beat of my artistry.

I knew.

This wasn't the end.

Just the beginning.

But the biggest take-away?  Was I remember what it feels like to be you.

Come find me.  Pull up a pew.  Bring a brew.

I do beginners and intermediate photography classes.  Classes on studio.  One-to-one photography coaching.  Business Mentoring. 

Look Up - Be Present - Be You.



Pure Connection goes live!

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So, Pure Connection, my brand new sparkly course for photographers has been written.

Or at least I have the headers.  I have everything else I need in my heart.

This 7 day course encompasses high-level bites for you to think about and implement.  These are the very core of who I am, how I work with clients and why I do what I do.

We kick off at 3pm on Saturday on a Zoom call; which will be recorded for anybody not able to make the calls; perhaps you have a family party to go to? Or a lovers date? They come first right? Absolutely they do; live life sideways! 

So what is this all about? 


And I've had so many people say "hey! I want to be more like you!" ... My reply... "Sugar, come join in the ride!"

I recently had a new tattoo on my ring finger - which is glyphic for 'connection'.

This means connection to you, connection to myself and connection to the universe (and I know right! I mean a tattoo on a finger is pretty mad! but I love it! With my 'Hot Rod Red' nails... I think it's pretty epic!).

Yeah baby, I'm spiritual.  I have enough love to fill myself up first swiftly followed by the rest of the world.  I feel energy from people and the world around me.  I love to hug trees and walk on the grass barefoot! 

I dream of sunsets, a fire with blankets and pillows by the beach.

I am a hopeless romantic.

I see the funny side in the smallest things.

Why am I different to other photographers that may be teaching? I'm also a therapist.  I specialise in hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life and Business Coaching and the 3 P's.

I'm also a qualified teacher for adults.

I also practice old school film, as do many other photographers - I love the joy of taking my skill back to film and seeing my images develop; the mixing of chemistry - the wondering if you nailed the shot or not, without chomping to the back of the camera for immediate feedback.

I'm also a qualified commercial drone operator (ha! no idea how many other female photographers have this but can't be many) and now have a videographer mentor too!

I shoot weddings to deliver a wedding album.  THIS single decision has changed my entire approach to shooting a wedding.

I have fucked up.  I have laughed hard.  I have cried hard.

I have made the most incredible friends from nearly all of my couples.

Most of all, I've connected with all of my couples.

I'd love this for you too.

Come join me! 

3PM Saturday - come find me at Pure Connection on Facebook and I'll add you! 

Pull up a pew.  Bring a G&T, a voddie or a tea (christ, I'm a poet...!)

A notebook.

And an open heart.

I promise, I'll do the same - in 7 days you'll be more connected to yourself, your artistry and your clients! 

Look Up - Be Present - Be You! 

 #pureconnection #imageslikethesearenoaccident #setup #coached

#pureconnection #imageslikethesearenoaccident #setup #coached



I see you.... peeping out at me...

When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes.

When you photography people in black and white, you photograph their souls.
— Ted Grant

Introducing my new Fine Art package - a combination of personally signed imagery, coupled with video clips, audio clips and all things photography and fun! 

I have made no secret of the fact that this year Tanya Alexanda Photography is taking on a new 'next level' to working and Visual Arts.  I try to limit my 'fun' to just photograph but actually I love moving images, developing and taking old film photography and messing around with drones as much digital images.

One thing I've learnt in life?  If you love something, you have fun with it.  Experiment.  Play.  Be joyful.


I remember being a child and being free from any negative thinking about whether I could or couldn't - I just did!  My ego didn't exist.  My self-belief was firm.  I was creative and lived in a world of make believe.  A world outside of screens.

And then you 'grow up'.

And everybody else 'grows up'. 

And it seems as though it's ok to beat yourself up about getting something 'wrong'.  And when did it become ok for somebody else to tell you that too? 

Until you get the meaning of life is about remaining childlike.  To have fun.  To explore.  To take you where your heart leads you.

My team is growing all the time; I will introduce you to my latest full-time member soon.

Until then - welcome to freeing myself up to have fun, while my team support me in my big vision.

My digital work will remain the same of course ... but don't be surprised if I get even a little more crazy.

I see you.

I see your soul.

Let me photograph it as others see it.  Let my camera fall in love with your heart.  Let us dance through any fears to the joy in your heart.

From weddings, to boudoir, to families, to special friends and animals. 

I see you all.

Waiting, patiently.

For the perfect time for a photograph.

Until you wished you had sooner as life passes you by.

Let me photograph your soul, for I see it anyway.

Be brave Warrior.  Be brave.



Why Wedding Albums Matter




Old bookshops, with age old stories nestled like secrets inside. A silver locket, containing an old black and white photograph. An antique ring, shimmering and precious. A recipe book with yellowed pages and notes scribbled in the corners. A beloved piece of furniture, touched by hands both young and old, witness to memories and love and laughter.

The most precious things we own are so often laced with memories, a history, emotions, feelings, time itself paused and stood still. They become handed down through generations, becoming ever more precious with age - and photographs possibly the most precious of all.

We marvel over old photographs. We remember. We smile. Our minds help us retrace our steps to those most love infused memories, places, moments we shared together. We cry at loved ones lost, wonder at how little ones grew, stare at outfits and markers in the images that tell us another story entirely.  

Photographs are a visual story, literally little pieces of our lives captured and preserved for generations to come. One day your children and grandchildren will unravel the silk ribbons that lovingly keep the pages together like secrets waiting to be told. One day soon you will sit together and feel the weight of the pages warm your hands as your hearts are warmed as you remember the moments of your day.  One day future generations will look and marvel at your day, at your memories. But before then your neighbours and friends will marvel at the beautiful keepsake you proudly display on your table at home. This is us, it says. We married, we love, this is who we are, summed up in these pages, our life full of love.

You see, I'm part of a changing tide of people who although we appreciate and love technology for all its greatness - the quick fast snaps, the selfie, the ease and the speed and the creativity of filters and apps - there's something missing.

We are missing the prints in our hands. The beautiful images to hold and to cherish. The family heirlooms to hand down.

In and amongst the 50000+ images we all have stored on our phones, old phones, hard drives, and multiple digital devices, our memories are fading far quicker than an old Polaroid. They're simply becoming buried and lost in the latest event or round of selfies.

Which is why I'm moving away from solely digital packages.  My clients deserve and desire the best; not just thousands of images lumped on to a stick without further thought of how such a special occasion deserves to be remembered and celebrated. And your memories deserve more than to be buried in a digital graveyard.

Albums weave together memories, moments, history, ancestry, love and laughter within their spellbinding pages. They're a treasure to behold; a rare and luxury possession. I can't wait to create yours.

PS - click below to contact me for more information

Why it's so important to have a pre-wedding shoot... magic!

All of my package prices include a pre-wedding shoot, and I pretty much insist this happens with all my couples, unless there is a very good reason why we physically can't squeeze this in.

I have been meaning to blog on this for sometime, and with my season now upon me, it's important to sit back and reflect on who I am as a photographer - not just my imagery but how important it is that I continue to work with my couples in the manner that I do.

Many people know me as a photographer and may not know that I'm also a therapist.  I am a Hypnotherapist, I practice Neuro-Lingusitic Programming and also offer Life and Business Coaching.  Now many photographers will roll their eyes - this hasn't been written for them of course.

I use all my therapy skills in my pre-wedding shoots; starting with a quick catch up so I can hear all your super exciting news about your big day! I want to know everything - a run through your day timing wise where I can help if I need to.  I love hearing about your dress(es) or your suit(s) and am very diplomatic about how I go about that.  Most importantly, I'm starting to become part of your day.  I'm taking you on a journey and becoming part of your team.

Imagine how powerful it is for you to imagine your day in advance; in full technicolour. 

"A team" I hear the photographers cry! Yep, a team.

You two wonderful beautiful people become the most precious people in my life for a whole awake day of my life.  That's right - from the moment I wake up, until I fall asleep at my computer screen while uploading your images, on your wedding day you are the most precious people on earth.  I think of nothing else - I give you everything.

I do that to ensure I've given you the best service on your day possible - I go all out to make sure you're happy - I become the entertainment... no boring group shots here! I have, at every single wedding, have guests come and tell me how great I've been getting everybody organised and how I'm cracking jokes the whole time.

BUT the most important thing? Is that I protect your time together on your day.  If I can, I will make sure you have time to spend just 10 minutes together alone.  Just to look at each other and really connect.  Ideally after our time together shooting your romantics, I'll be making sure this happens.

Now all of my work with you as a couple happens during the pre-wedding shoot.  Why? Because this is time we can just rock back, have fun, get to know each other.  We talk about any insecurities, I look at your energy as a couple... and I work with the magic (of course it's not magic but what I'm capturing is OUR magic).

You'll get to see me laying on the ground... you'll come to trust my magic skills because I show you and coach you through posing in the most fun upbeat manner; even the most camera-shy come away with not only beautiful heart-felt imagery but saying they've had a riot! 

We all know this hasn't been magic, but it happens so naturally, it may as well have been.  I reconnect you as a couple.  I hold space for you to be connected and close together - I help you understand that it's ok to be close, be intimate and allow that to happen with me in that trusted circle.

When we have that - we have the magic.

James summed this up in his thank you to me after this shoot... "... though the stress of getting a wedding together can easily com between a couple, but Tanya and her magic tonight, through her ways of love and kindness and pure happiness helped bring that spark right back between us and we shall be forever grateful for her time.  She's an amazing woman who's work is just unbelievable, so good, and her energy really does make you feel so special.  Just couldn't wish for a better photographer/amazing woman to be joining us in sharing our big special day - cannot wait for the wedding now!!!".

If you have booked your wedding with me, you have this to look forward to.  

If you're booking a wedding, have a look at my packages and be confident you're booking not only a photographer with beautiful imagery, but so so much more... 

Contact me on 07525 015262 or via 







2016! What a year! Here's now to Tanya Alexanda Photography!

 It's been hinted at, it's been alluded too... and here it is!

It's been hinted at, it's been alluded too... and here it is!

As 2016 comes to an end and as I see the New Year in finishing my wedding editing and then into Album design.

I'd like to thank all my lovely couples who put up with my coaching and smashed it on their wedding day...

- for giving me the best year celebrating with your family and friends...

- for allowing me to watch and capture love and emotion and for allowing me the odd tear as I say goodbye...

- for loving your images...

I invested heavily this year in training with one of the top Wedding Photographers in the world - Jerry Ghionis - in London on a weeks workshop - I met the gorgeous Melissa Ghionis who I love to bits and is a soul sister, I'll always be thankful I invested - and as the New Year hits, there are many changes to Tanya Simpson Photography and will now be known as Tanya Alexanda Photography and soon I will explain why. 

More blog posts to follow, more coaching for my couples way ahead of weddings, more time given at a wedding to ensure I get the shots needed, ensuring I capture every moment and more time spent in Photoshop editing images for albums. 

For now, I cherish every image I've captured, every wedding I've loving shot, every couple that have allowed me to share part of their special day.  

I've learnt so much from you all, I've made some beautiful friends, I've quite frankly had a ball!

A photographers work is about their images, but it's not just about images - albums and helping couples create their legacy is what 2017 will be about; and coaching on all numerous subject matters; from working with your suppliers to your venue and more importantly giving me time to work my magic and to give you your forever images.

I promise 2017 is set to be the best year yet, if only because I'll get to work more on albums, work on providing more for my couples, for just being a better photographer this year than last.  It's the way it works... you grow, you learn, you reinvent.

Here's to Tanya Alexanda Photography and all the changes that come with it.

*this does not affect any of my couples already booked under Tanya Simpson Photography :) 




For the Love of Henry!

So it's not often I blog about my personal life per-se, however today I do have a bit of a story....

 Adorable right?

Adorable right?

Today is my daughter Brooke's 5th Birthday - Henry is a bit of a mix, we love him very much - a mix up of St Bernard, Briard, Rottweiler and other bits and bobs but these are the main ones.

I took Henry on because.... 1. We have the space.  2.  I generally work a lot from home unless I'm at my studio. 3. We have a lot of love to give.  4. We have 2 other dogs willing to keep company 5. He needed a loving home with company :)

All good yes? 

So Henry came to our family at 8 months old, or thereabouts and at the time we though - 'how much bigger can he get - he must be fully grown nearly' - oh how wrong we were!  BUT he is a VERY LARGE part of our family and we love him very much.

So we took on our 8 month old LARGE BREED and have no clue how big they will grow - dear Henry has a heart of gold, he's often looked to as a very important family member reincarnated that's how lovely he is... having a large breed his it's downfalls.... he's chewed our house up - the utility to be exact - been in for 2 years - the doors, the skirting boards, the outside bench has even had a good going over.

He'll sit on the bench and at our dining room table like a pro! He is loved by all that meets him.

Today was Brooke's birthday (Happy 5th Birthday Brooke!)... Henry is now 18 months old - so lovey, a lovely table of party food just for me, Matt (my Husband, Brooke and William, Brooke's 2 year old Brother)... BLESS!

Not when you turn your back and Big Henry (our pet name) eats the table of party food! 

One thing you should know about judging somebody with a LARGE BREED is that they don't stop growing until they are 2 years old!   Those brown eyes above? There are there to sucker you in to a false sense of security of sweetness - you turn your back and your party food is gone, for good!

So after a firm telling off (as you can after the event) and as I'm spending time with a very dear friend talking all things photography... I go to get my dinner ... you'd never believe it! The little (meant with BIG in the term) ate my bloody dinner! 


Give me strength - nobody was harmed in the making of this blog - but my St Bernard cross may be getting fat! 

He's now sleeping with a VERY full belly!

Love you Henry :) xx

For the Love of Angel

I was contacted last year by Emma, a horse owner, who knew her beautiful lifelong horse was going to have to be put to sleep.  This was a really difficult shoot for me, not because I did hair and make up or took images, but because I know how the love of a horse can change a person to their core, I know what the love of a horse feels like, I also know how brave Emma is for having to make such a heartbreaking decision for such a large animal, and fundamentally, what that meant to her.

So when we set a date, and Angel went lame, I didn't know whether I'd ever get to meet Angel and do the shoot but not so long ago, Emma messaged me reaching out to me again, asking for her shoot.  I try not to take too much on during wedding season but I knew this was something that I needed to do and be involved in, the therapist in me screaming that I could help give something to the both of them that maybe couldn't be given by a 'normal' photographer.

Those that know me know that I work a lot with emotion, in fact, at every single emotional day, be it wedding, horse or baby, I cry.  I do, I say goodbye and all the emotion I've felt during the shoot while I've been working will seep out - I try not to, sometimes I can hold on, oftentimes I can't and I make no apologies for it; I do what I do to the best of my ability and I give my all at every single shoot.  I feel emotion, I shoot emotion, I do emotion - I've spend too many years of my life trying not to feel that now I make no apology for feeling it.



So with Angel's last days here with Emma, I drove my car full of camera equipment, feeling a bit nervous because I know Emma will have been feeling it too.  I was on high-alert for emotion, knowing it will be high and how emotions can affect horses.  Angel handled all the emotion in her stride as her 20 years had shown her - a calm loving natured horse, full of love of grass and spending time cuddling with her Mum.

I heard about all the lovely stories of Angel and Emma, growing up together, the times especially when Angel had stood and been on 'guard' duty when Emma had fallen off due to a jump in the countryside they'd gone for and Emma had been knocked unconscious and how Angel stood by and grazed waiting patiently for Emma to come around.

Possibly the hardest thing for everybody is how well Angel looks - but being on so many painkillers and being in constant pain is no life for any horse; a tough decision taken over a period of many many months with lots of vet visits and so much pain - a really tough job for any horse owner but ultimately a decision made from a place of absolute love.

When I heard news on Facebook that Angel had been taken to the rainbows, I pulled out all stops and edited 400+ images, mainly due to the absolute patience of Emma and Angel on the day to just take time to love each other and spend time in my company.

I'll never forget the time I got to spend with two kindred spirits, so united in their love for each other - RIP Angel, may you be running in the wind with the shore of the sea by your feet.  You'll never be forgotten by your Soul Mate.

Emma & Angel - Horse Shoot-2.jpg

Thank you Emma for allowing me to share your story - such a brave lady - a heart the size of a lion.

I'll never ever forget our shoot and having the honour of being part of your everlasting memories.

This is what Emma wrote about her beautiful horse:

Yesterday was the saddest day yet for me so far. I said goodbye and put to rest my beautiful princess Angel.
She served me with nearly 20 years of honesty, friendship and fun. A truly special steed to mount 💕
When my amazing nanny and grandad handed me a blue rope, to the other end you were tied.
I had imagined to own a horse similar to black beauty, instead I was handed a skinny, matted and very young cob, with a ‘that will do ya’ gal’ off grandad. I fell in love instantly and made a promise to care and love you for as long as you lived. We learnt as we went along and grew up together at our own pace 💕 you completed my childhood.
Your wardrobe has always stood larger than mine, your shoes always more money than mine, and any spare time was spent with you ❤️
I wouldn’t change a thing.
I have been the luckiest to experience such a close bond like we had. You knew what I was thinking, sometimes before I’d thought it. Commands weren’t necessary. We worked in sync. The perfect balance of ‘I’ll steer and you set the pace’.
Your fav being Flatt out of course.
We’ve been a partnership built on respect and trust.
You’ve turned your hoof to everything I have asked of you, always giving 110%
I have so many wonderful memories to treasure.
Throughout our years together I have seen horses come and go. Friends selling theirs on or loaning them out. I just could never do that to you. My world has revolved around you and your routine. You’ve been my first and last thought of each day for so many years. Routine now and a future without you feels somewhat weird, like a piece will be forever missing.
You’ve been a shoulder to cry on so many times. I can never thank you enough for all the fantastic moments we’ve shared together throughout the years.
I have been so lucky to own such a pretty, bomb proof, fast and choppy little pony, with attitude to match mine.
May your legs run free through fluffy clouds, your main blow in the breeze and you jump hurdles till your hearts content. I hope the grass is lush, the apples are juicy and the carrots crunch.
Will miss you forever and a day my Angel Delight.
Hoof prints on my heart forever
💕💕 God bless you Angel 💕💕
Emma & Angel-363.jpg

Needless to say I cried in the carpark and all at the way home but i love my job - I believe everybody should have images that will last a lifetime and will reflect emotion and the connection we have with others.

I know Angel will be running free over Rainbow Bridge with all the other horse, pain free, you've set her free.  A very difficult decision but one ultimately made out of absolute love and a place of unselfishness and a desire to set free what we may otherwise hold onto.  You have my heart.

Big Hugs Emma x

**New Studio** Opening 30th April 2016! STONHAM BARNS

For those of you that follow my work *bows and says thank you* you may be aware of my new studio.  I'm very excited to be doing this, a special haven to work from.  All the comforts for myself and my clients (yes, I do like the idea of a reclining sofa and sipping Nspresso coffee with my laptop).

I officially open my doors to the public on Saturday 30th April 2016, to say I'm mega excited is an understatement.  Quite frankly, I'm so excited, I can barely find the words!  

My doors are open to everybody - from clients for weddings, to newborns and families, to fellow photographers; life, as they say, is for living and loving and doing what absolutely makes you shine brightly.

Predominately set up to cater for newborn photography, which, I've been lucky enough to be able to invest in the correct training - there are lots of do's and don'ts around safety of your little bundle; I have been trained by one of the most talented Newborn photographers - Shellie Wall is amazing and I'm pleased to call her my mentor and friend, her work is amazing.

Needless to say, this is a new genre of photography for me and as such my pricing plan will reflect this.  Just while I collect a portfolio and work through all of my props (I have stacks!) - so if you're lucky enough to be a new mamma, or one that's due anytime soon - you're in luck.  This does not take away from the gorgeous props I have invested in, no expense spared is the name of the game and it helps that I love all the bits and pieces so much and can see them so clearly on a sleeping (or not) bundle (helps that I'm female perhaps, I'm not sure, but I do hold up all my outfits and smile broadly!).

When you hand your new bundle over, rest assured that having had three babies, I work with you all (Mum, Dad and Baby) and make sure that everything is relaxed, warm and friendly.  I even provide lunch, nappy bags, nappies, nipple cream (yes I still remember the '10 second rule') and as much liquid refreshments as required.  That's not to say that I won't need your help, I will, and plenty of it.  Your bundle has known only you Mummy for the whole time, rest assured there is no rush to feed or soothe your baby, you take as much time as you need to do what makes you both happy.  Even more importantly, everything is done safely and no stress is every placed on your baby - not all babies go into all the poses. Your little bundle will be treated and assessed on an individual basis.

So if you're free, stop by and say Hi; my door will be open from 9am - 5pm with plenty of coffee, tea and soft drinks.  Not forgetting the cake and biscuits.  My door is always open to feeding Mums if I don't have a client - stop by, put your feet up, have a natter and a cuppa; would be my absolute pleasure to meet with you both (or all!) and absolutely no pressure for anything else other than putting your feet up (remember that reclining sofa?) relaxing and connecting with your baby.  

It's the least I can do.

**Also, parking is available all day long at no cost.  Worst case, I'm a 1 min walk from the main car park.  There are also lots of other businesses too you can browse in, and if you really fancy, make a day of it!**

Look forward to meeting you.




Come and join in the FUN!


You have probably seen my rather controversial advert for my upcoming course on the 13th March for my Beginners Photography training day!  The amount of 'interest' I got for this was just fantastic *rolls eyes* - people, it's a bit of FUN!  Will you ever change me? Nope, and I'd hope not, the amount I've paid finding me and who I am and what I stand for.  Hours of therapy right there! Just as well I trained in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Coaching - sometimes you meet people where you YAWN inside at what they're trying to preach and really? Phoa... (said, hard, so it makes your cheeks puff out kinda Phoa!).  

Anyway, enough about that, lets plough into the fun bit!  So you COULD go and find everything about beginners photography from youtube - but honestly, where is the FUN in that? 

For £125, you can come and spend a day with me (which, you know is just awesome right?); based in Isaacs in Ipswich... imagine a beautiful waterfront, beautiful buildings, the opportunity for street photography.... you get pastries on arrival, classroom based training with a workbook covering the slides for your notes, handouts, a wonderful warm buffet which is just beautifully prepared, and walkabout sessions by the waterfront.  Opportunity for a cheeky drink after and capturing a local live band that will also be playing on the premises.  Access to a secret Facebook group too that is only available to students past and present - a safe place to share and ask for help.  Oh and some critiquing on images - this is a valuable part of the day too.  It's JAMMED PACKED! 

I have been shooting weddings, in whatever capacity, for over 3 years, and this is my second year running my own business.  I'm asked 'what do you specialise in?'.... why specialise? I love people, I love animals, I love photography.  

Let me share my passion.

Find me over on Facebook or comment here and I'll come back to you - look forward to hearing from you.


Shhhhhhh - why getting naked is great for your self-esteem!

    Image courtesy of a fantastic friend and woman - she can't believe this image is her!


Image courtesy of a fantastic friend and woman - she can't believe this image is her!

Let me take you back, way back, maybe 4 years ago when I first started photography.  I went on a 'Groupon day', we've all seen them... come and take pics of models (in clothes!), a balloon pop and light painting.... all above board BUT while I was there, the guy that ran the workshop came over and showed me images from his 'alternative' workshops - my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head! Naked women! I am one of the most liberated women, but the thought of taking images of people naked? 

Little did I know that 4 years on, that little seed that was sown would manifest into one of my DREAMS!

Coupled with my therapy business that I also run (I know! pretty unique right?), how beautiful is it to be with somebody, female or male, to have them feel pampered and give them love and support, a safe environment with beautiful accessories to make them feel gorgeous - and to then give them beautiful images.

The emphasis on these shoots is about having FUN! Letting your hair down, and having a catalogue of images that you can treasure with your partner! They're great for gifts, wedding morning gifts (Brides! Get in contact!) and 'just because'... because life is too short not to live it.

Be brave, be bold, have the guts... it's not anything other than a wonderful journey of self-discovery and loveliness!  You're not posed to the 'nth degree, this is a shoot to allow us to work together to make sure you feel supported and guided but whist having fun!  We work from lingerie to implied nude (you know.... sexily draped in material :) a hint enough for you and whoever you share them with to know you were indeed nude) or if that's really too much, then as much as you dare 


- a pre-shoot questionnaire and follow up telephone call to discuss ideas

- a personalised Pinterest board to post images and ideas 

- discussion on music to be played to help 'get into the zone' - I personally love songs that really make you feel emotion, I can use that as part of the session to capture what you're feeling 

- Hair

- Makeup

- A therapy session based on confidence - utilising coaching, hypnotherapy and neuro-lingustic programming 

- a two hour shoot using a beautiful backdrop with gorgeous accessories and our pre-agreed music package

- FUN! I keep it real!

- A £50 print voucher to use on prints or albums - these start from £20.00 for a 10x8 professionally printed image - albums can be bought on an instalment plan should you wish.

All this for only £275.00.


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 Implied nude - we loved doing this one

Implied nude - we loved doing this one

Rocking Horse Shi*t!

Pardon the language but one thing I am, is authentic.  I'll always tell it how it is - the photography industry is hard work.  It's no lie that there are people that will try to knock you down instead of build you up.  We all however aspire to be the next creative genius - spending a fortune on equipment, training and looking for some way to be unique.

So, what's the 'Rocking Horse Sh*t' statement about I hear you ask? YAWN! Wedding Fairs! Unless you have your feet under the table already with any of the existing venues offering these, you're pretty much out of luck.  IF I had more time and I wasn't concentrating on how to service my clients and trainees better, I'd be inclined to do my own fair BUT there is speak of if you do this, you pretty much get cut off.  I'm nothing if not unique in pretty much wanting to do my do my own thing and not being worried about threats of not being able to attend a fair that is pretty much oversubscribed by 1,000 percent.  I WILL be attending two however, so they'll be going on my suppliers list and recommended! Thanks for the support guys :)! 

Speaking of which... I have some exciting news! Shhhhhh.... don't tell the world yet because it's WIP (Work In Progress) BUT it involves; photography training going MOBILE, water, an overnight stay if I can arrange it and enough people are interested, training and lots to eat and drink! Sounds like bliss eh? Drop me a comment below if you're interested - but hey, don't tell the world ok? 

So that's me for now - don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter where I'll get real about some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes; and I have some announcements to make about my new super fantastic team!  Can't WAIT! 

Until next time, keep smiling and living life :)