Rocking Horse Shi*t!

Pardon the language but one thing I am, is authentic.  I'll always tell it how it is - the photography industry is hard work.  It's no lie that there are people that will try to knock you down instead of build you up.  We all however aspire to be the next creative genius - spending a fortune on equipment, training and looking for some way to be unique.

So, what's the 'Rocking Horse Sh*t' statement about I hear you ask? YAWN! Wedding Fairs! Unless you have your feet under the table already with any of the existing venues offering these, you're pretty much out of luck.  IF I had more time and I wasn't concentrating on how to service my clients and trainees better, I'd be inclined to do my own fair BUT there is speak of if you do this, you pretty much get cut off.  I'm nothing if not unique in pretty much wanting to do my do my own thing and not being worried about threats of not being able to attend a fair that is pretty much oversubscribed by 1,000 percent.  I WILL be attending two however, so they'll be going on my suppliers list and recommended! Thanks for the support guys :)! 

Speaking of which... I have some exciting news! Shhhhhh.... don't tell the world yet because it's WIP (Work In Progress) BUT it involves; photography training going MOBILE, water, an overnight stay if I can arrange it and enough people are interested, training and lots to eat and drink! Sounds like bliss eh? Drop me a comment below if you're interested - but hey, don't tell the world ok? 

So that's me for now - don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter where I'll get real about some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes; and I have some announcements to make about my new super fantastic team!  Can't WAIT! 

Until next time, keep smiling and living life :)