2016! What a year! Here's now to Tanya Alexanda Photography!

 It's been hinted at, it's been alluded too... and here it is!

It's been hinted at, it's been alluded too... and here it is!

As 2016 comes to an end and as I see the New Year in finishing my wedding editing and then into Album design.

I'd like to thank all my lovely couples who put up with my coaching and smashed it on their wedding day...

- for giving me the best year celebrating with your family and friends...

- for allowing me to watch and capture love and emotion and for allowing me the odd tear as I say goodbye...

- for loving your images...

I invested heavily this year in training with one of the top Wedding Photographers in the world - Jerry Ghionis - in London on a weeks workshop - I met the gorgeous Melissa Ghionis who I love to bits and is a soul sister, I'll always be thankful I invested - and as the New Year hits, there are many changes to Tanya Simpson Photography and will now be known as Tanya Alexanda Photography and soon I will explain why. 

More blog posts to follow, more coaching for my couples way ahead of weddings, more time given at a wedding to ensure I get the shots needed, ensuring I capture every moment and more time spent in Photoshop editing images for albums. 

For now, I cherish every image I've captured, every wedding I've loving shot, every couple that have allowed me to share part of their special day.  

I've learnt so much from you all, I've made some beautiful friends, I've quite frankly had a ball!

A photographers work is about their images, but it's not just about images - albums and helping couples create their legacy is what 2017 will be about; and coaching on all numerous subject matters; from working with your suppliers to your venue and more importantly giving me time to work my magic and to give you your forever images.

I promise 2017 is set to be the best year yet, if only because I'll get to work more on albums, work on providing more for my couples, for just being a better photographer this year than last.  It's the way it works... you grow, you learn, you reinvent.

Here's to Tanya Alexanda Photography and all the changes that come with it.

*this does not affect any of my couples already booked under Tanya Simpson Photography :)