For the Love of Henry!

So it's not often I blog about my personal life per-se, however today I do have a bit of a story....

 Adorable right?

Adorable right?

Today is my daughter Brooke's 5th Birthday - Henry is a bit of a mix, we love him very much - a mix up of St Bernard, Briard, Rottweiler and other bits and bobs but these are the main ones.

I took Henry on because.... 1. We have the space.  2.  I generally work a lot from home unless I'm at my studio. 3. We have a lot of love to give.  4. We have 2 other dogs willing to keep company 5. He needed a loving home with company :)

All good yes? 

So Henry came to our family at 8 months old, or thereabouts and at the time we though - 'how much bigger can he get - he must be fully grown nearly' - oh how wrong we were!  BUT he is a VERY LARGE part of our family and we love him very much.

So we took on our 8 month old LARGE BREED and have no clue how big they will grow - dear Henry has a heart of gold, he's often looked to as a very important family member reincarnated that's how lovely he is... having a large breed his it's downfalls.... he's chewed our house up - the utility to be exact - been in for 2 years - the doors, the skirting boards, the outside bench has even had a good going over.

He'll sit on the bench and at our dining room table like a pro! He is loved by all that meets him.

Today was Brooke's birthday (Happy 5th Birthday Brooke!)... Henry is now 18 months old - so lovey, a lovely table of party food just for me, Matt (my Husband, Brooke and William, Brooke's 2 year old Brother)... BLESS!

Not when you turn your back and Big Henry (our pet name) eats the table of party food! 

One thing you should know about judging somebody with a LARGE BREED is that they don't stop growing until they are 2 years old!   Those brown eyes above? There are there to sucker you in to a false sense of security of sweetness - you turn your back and your party food is gone, for good!

So after a firm telling off (as you can after the event) and as I'm spending time with a very dear friend talking all things photography... I go to get my dinner ... you'd never believe it! The little (meant with BIG in the term) ate my bloody dinner! 


Give me strength - nobody was harmed in the making of this blog - but my St Bernard cross may be getting fat! 

He's now sleeping with a VERY full belly!

Love you Henry :) xx