Why Wedding Albums Matter




Old bookshops, with age old stories nestled like secrets inside. A silver locket, containing an old black and white photograph. An antique ring, shimmering and precious. A recipe book with yellowed pages and notes scribbled in the corners. A beloved piece of furniture, touched by hands both young and old, witness to memories and love and laughter.

The most precious things we own are so often laced with memories, a history, emotions, feelings, time itself paused and stood still. They become handed down through generations, becoming ever more precious with age - and photographs possibly the most precious of all.

We marvel over old photographs. We remember. We smile. Our minds help us retrace our steps to those most love infused memories, places, moments we shared together. We cry at loved ones lost, wonder at how little ones grew, stare at outfits and markers in the images that tell us another story entirely.  

Photographs are a visual story, literally little pieces of our lives captured and preserved for generations to come. One day your children and grandchildren will unravel the silk ribbons that lovingly keep the pages together like secrets waiting to be told. One day soon you will sit together and feel the weight of the pages warm your hands as your hearts are warmed as you remember the moments of your day.  One day future generations will look and marvel at your day, at your memories. But before then your neighbours and friends will marvel at the beautiful keepsake you proudly display on your table at home. This is us, it says. We married, we love, this is who we are, summed up in these pages, our life full of love.

You see, I'm part of a changing tide of people who although we appreciate and love technology for all its greatness - the quick fast snaps, the selfie, the ease and the speed and the creativity of filters and apps - there's something missing.

We are missing the prints in our hands. The beautiful images to hold and to cherish. The family heirlooms to hand down.

In and amongst the 50000+ images we all have stored on our phones, old phones, hard drives, and multiple digital devices, our memories are fading far quicker than an old Polaroid. They're simply becoming buried and lost in the latest event or round of selfies.

Which is why I'm moving away from solely digital packages.  My clients deserve and desire the best; not just thousands of images lumped on to a stick without further thought of how such a special occasion deserves to be remembered and celebrated. And your memories deserve more than to be buried in a digital graveyard.

Albums weave together memories, moments, history, ancestry, love and laughter within their spellbinding pages. They're a treasure to behold; a rare and luxury possession. I can't wait to create yours.

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