I see you.... peeping out at me...

When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes.

When you photography people in black and white, you photograph their souls.
— Ted Grant

Introducing my new Fine Art package - a combination of personally signed imagery, coupled with video clips, audio clips and all things photography and fun! 

I have made no secret of the fact that this year Tanya Alexanda Photography is taking on a new 'next level' to working and Visual Arts.  I try to limit my 'fun' to just photograph but actually I love moving images, developing and taking old film photography and messing around with drones as much digital images.

One thing I've learnt in life?  If you love something, you have fun with it.  Experiment.  Play.  Be joyful.


I remember being a child and being free from any negative thinking about whether I could or couldn't - I just did!  My ego didn't exist.  My self-belief was firm.  I was creative and lived in a world of make believe.  A world outside of screens.

And then you 'grow up'.

And everybody else 'grows up'. 

And it seems as though it's ok to beat yourself up about getting something 'wrong'.  And when did it become ok for somebody else to tell you that too? 

Until you get the meaning of life is about remaining childlike.  To have fun.  To explore.  To take you where your heart leads you.

My team is growing all the time; I will introduce you to my latest full-time member soon.

Until then - welcome to freeing myself up to have fun, while my team support me in my big vision.

My digital work will remain the same of course ... but don't be surprised if I get even a little more crazy.

I see you.

I see your soul.

Let me photograph it as others see it.  Let my camera fall in love with your heart.  Let us dance through any fears to the joy in your heart.

From weddings, to boudoir, to families, to special friends and animals. 

I see you all.

Waiting, patiently.

For the perfect time for a photograph.

Until you wished you had sooner as life passes you by.

Let me photograph your soul, for I see it anyway.

Be brave Warrior.  Be brave.