Pure Connection goes live!

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So, Pure Connection, my brand new sparkly course for photographers has been written.

Or at least I have the headers.  I have everything else I need in my heart.

This 7 day course encompasses high-level bites for you to think about and implement.  These are the very core of who I am, how I work with clients and why I do what I do.

We kick off at 3pm on Saturday on a Zoom call; which will be recorded for anybody not able to make the calls; perhaps you have a family party to go to? Or a lovers date? They come first right? Absolutely they do; live life sideways! 

So what is this all about? 


And I've had so many people say "hey! I want to be more like you!" ... My reply... "Sugar, come join in the ride!"

I recently had a new tattoo on my ring finger - which is glyphic for 'connection'.

This means connection to you, connection to myself and connection to the universe (and I know right! I mean a tattoo on a finger is pretty mad! but I love it! With my 'Hot Rod Red' nails... I think it's pretty epic!).

Yeah baby, I'm spiritual.  I have enough love to fill myself up first swiftly followed by the rest of the world.  I feel energy from people and the world around me.  I love to hug trees and walk on the grass barefoot! 

I dream of sunsets, a fire with blankets and pillows by the beach.

I am a hopeless romantic.

I see the funny side in the smallest things.

Why am I different to other photographers that may be teaching? I'm also a therapist.  I specialise in hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life and Business Coaching and the 3 P's.

I'm also a qualified teacher for adults.

I also practice old school film, as do many other photographers - I love the joy of taking my skill back to film and seeing my images develop; the mixing of chemistry - the wondering if you nailed the shot or not, without chomping to the back of the camera for immediate feedback.

I'm also a qualified commercial drone operator (ha! no idea how many other female photographers have this but can't be many) and now have a videographer mentor too!

I shoot weddings to deliver a wedding album.  THIS single decision has changed my entire approach to shooting a wedding.

I have fucked up.  I have laughed hard.  I have cried hard.

I have made the most incredible friends from nearly all of my couples.

Most of all, I've connected with all of my couples.

I'd love this for you too.

Come join me! 

3PM Saturday - come find me at Pure Connection on Facebook and I'll add you! 

Pull up a pew.  Bring a G&T, a voddie or a tea (christ, I'm a poet...!)

A notebook.

And an open heart.

I promise, I'll do the same - in 7 days you'll be more connected to yourself, your artistry and your clients! 

Look Up - Be Present - Be You! 

 #pureconnection #imageslikethesearenoaccident #setup #coached

#pureconnection #imageslikethesearenoaccident #setup #coached