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Welcome to Tanya Alexanda, where you will find out all about me.  It kind of feels indulgent.  


I'm the Creative Director of my own shindig - I can train anybody to take images like I do, and in fact I have.  Meaning you still get the imagery you've come to love but for less money - unless you go for the Lux package and then you get me too, minus the camera but with all the creativity (I still provide the photographers - they do the shooting, I direct Dah'link).  


If you're looking for a photographer that offers baddass photography services for cool weddings, Yep! If you're a photographer looking to get into the industry and want to know everything I know? Yep!  

My Story

I give myself 100% to whatever it is I spend my time doing, because for me, 'work' has to be my funtime!

So, for 2020, I will be running my very own photography agency where you can access professional photographers or even photographers who have just started out (like even I had to) but with my Pure Connection for Photographers training.

I'm so excited about bringing this to you - packages to suit even the most unconventional wedding (in fact, I may even cover that myself!).

You can rest assured that your photography needs will be met with fun, laughter and a can-do attitude that has always surrounded my couples and I will pass onto my team.

We would be very happy to talk to you about your photography needs.

I'll never hang up my wedding shoes, but for now I'm training other wedding photographers how to rock it!  I'm tired of seeing the same sub-standard work being churned out in the industry - even worn out professionals lose their Mojo at some point in the Wedding Year, and you'll see the same work turned out time and time again.

Not only do I teach the importance of family to my team but so I will be talking about self-care - we are a family; and as such we work together to make sure you have the BEST experience ever! 

Please feel free to contact me here or on facebook under Tanya Alexanda.

Photographers there's a space for you here too - under 'Train with Me'; find out about how we can work together and if you're the right match, how you may be hand-selected based on personality type for my Brides and Grooms.


Bring me Nature and Soul

I want photographers who can sense the emotion in an image... whether that's felt or taught.

I spend a considerable amount of my training time talking about family, the importance of emotion, how to make sure couples feel truly connected during a shoot.

Not only that but I work on posing and making a difference to the Wedding Industry by being incredible.

You don't have to take incredible images to be an incredible human.  I can teach how to take incredible images.... to teach how to be an incredible human is a longer journey.

BUT one that is very important.

Having shot in excess of 250 weddings in total, I can honestly say, the best gift you can EVER give a bride and groom is that of an open heart, time together and control of the day.

We provide you with all the information you could ever need for your wedding day.

I can't wait to hear from you.

A View

“I love coffee! I love gin! You'll find me journalling about your wedding, drinking one or the other, dreaming about you, my dream client!”

Soon to be Author, Tanya Alexanda :)

Laptop & Coffee
Holding a Modern DSLR



Don't take my word for it!  These are a very small number of my private clients

“Not only was Tanya...personable, she was creative and so hardworking. Our wedding pictures were exactly how we wanted to capture our day, she had the vision to see opportunities for the perfect Images. The end result was simply amazing...every image was sheer perfection. I knew exactly what I wanted, working in photo direction and event direction, it was no mean feat. Tanya was exactly so easy to work with, undertstanding our need for the day. Having worked with Tanya on my own events, I had no doubt she could fulfill the task in hand .. a fab job and memories to treasure.”

Pam Davis

“Tanya is such a delightful and bubbly person. She has such a charisma about her that you can’t help but take to her. Right from the start she was professional and so passionate about what she does. She made us feel unique and made her service so person centred. I felt like she really cared about our day and that she gave 100% to us. I could not have been more happy with our beautiful photographs and how well Tanya got on with our guests on the day itself. I have nothing but respect and praise.”

Sadie Bloomfield

“Incredibly talented, incredibly enthusiastic, really went the extra mile and then another mile on top of that, she was so invested in our day going well that you’d think it was her own wedding. She couldn’t have been better, she put in so much effort, took such great care and gave us so much of her time I hope we can someday repay as we now consider her a friend. the world would be a better place with Tanya Simpsons!”

Andrew Mutimer

“I suffer with anxiety and panic ...Tanya made my wedding day so so special, she assured me the whole time ..She helped with my dress...She made us all laugh ..She listened ...And she directed perfectly ...She makes you feel so special and that your wants and needs are met ...She was above and beyond a photographer that day ...And I hope we stay in touch and meet again ...”

Julie Boggie

“Wedding is a historical day for me and my husband. Every capture of the moment could describes how the day like. So I really concerned about who the photography is, what her/his style like, how professional she/he is, because I love photography so much. I spent couple days to choose the photographer because I’m too picky with it and when I saw Tanya’s web page I knew that she’s the one who’ll gonna rock my wedding.”

Arsyifa Roche

“This woman was sent from heaven! Tanya was an absolute pleasure to have as our photographer at our wedding - She was so professional and passionate but was also bundles of fun which is exactly what we wanted! She fit in perfectly to our day, put no pressure on us and made us feel like she was just an old friend taking snaps... but very good ones!!! The ratings of 10 above are simply not enough for her and I cannot recommend Tanya enough!”

Gail Kersey

07525 015262

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