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How many babies!

Since I started out back in .... can't remember the year ... 'many moons ago' I have had so many of my wedding couples go on to have babies! Congratulations to you all!

I think it's the most adorable 'next step' ever but I have known some of my couples too, to have difficulties in falling pregnant, which for them, is devastating.

I firmly believe in yin + yang... for people that fall pregnant, there are people that don't. For life there is death. For marriage there is divorce. For good times there are bad.. you know what I'm talking about.

I find my work is best when I do the 'happy' work with the 'sad' or 'difficult' work - so I can keep my feet firmly on the ground and maintain that being of roundedness, from which my clients truly do benefit.

I love shooting babies, but not in buckets. I can't see past the bucket i'm afraid. It's not for me. I've tried it and I just felt so disconnected from Mummy and Baby.

For me? I love taking babies photograph at home, where they'll spend their young years growing up. To see Mummy and Daddy holding their wee baby in their arms, in the surroundings where baby was made. To bathe baby and take photos of the surroundings is like telling their story of where they grew up.

For me? I'm mesmerised by the very few images I do have of my growing up - I love seeing what we were all wearing, the sofas, the pictures, the mugs, the phones. It's all history. It's like taking a step back into where we once were.

This to me is what baby photography is all about.

I was terrified of handling a baby and posing a baby with their cord still attached for example - do you know how easy it is to dislodge a cord and have blood pour out? I'm sorry - I don't want that on me. A story of a fellow photographer who did just that put me off - thankfully she'd managed to stem the flow without Mummy knowing but oh my life, I'd have been sick on the spot.

All of that aside, if you'd love to work with me and your baby - I'd love that so much. I'll come to your home, with present for baby (maybe one day you'll explain that a lovely lady who took 'these photographs' gifted it to them... I'd love that.

Most of all, get your images taken and shown off with pride.

Girl! You did good! Daddy... you did good too <3.

All my love,

Tanya (Creative Director)


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