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How my 6 year old's picture changed my whole world - leading to an impossible 90 day challenge

Funny isn't it, she says, sitting drinking a coffee, how a 6 year old's picture can change your whole perception on the world and how we see our limitations.

Many of you will know that William is autistic. He's behind on so many of his 'tick boxes' at school that I'm sure one day he'll be unsupportable at school and will be back in the folds of homeschooling (I relish the day!).

So, imagine my absolute excitement when he voluntarily picks up a pencil and starts 'mark making' - it's what we call it so 'drawing' doesn't seem so daunting.

So he can now write his name ... 'Will' and then to my surprise he also drew Mummy and Daddy and himself and siblings. All in his left-hand. I never push William when he's at home, he gets more than enough writing at school for his needs, so imagine my disbelief when he did all this under his own steam.

This is where it got interesting. I looked at these little drawings in awe of my Son. How far he's come, how far he has yet to journey - but my Crystal child had produced the most adorable little people - perfect? Oh yes, absolutely!

So why then, when I draw or mark make, are my marks not 'perfect'?

Who in the world decided to have a say on the creative work that I produce as 'not good enough'?

Oh, I remember now. It was the Art teacher at school who decided my work wasn't good enough - Art gets 'graded' the same as everything else. What a load of tosh! I had the creativity beaten out of me as a child.

So, it's funny now, that I've not only love photography and have that career bubbling along nicely with training others etc, but I now do creative writing as my degree and now, as my 90 day 'Ceate the Impossible' I'm delving into the world of Art.

The dark side.

So, I have an exhibition coming up in 90 days, which will showcase how far I can come in 90 days from simple mark making to full blown creative paintings.

What a journey!

I will of course keep you updated! This is to prove that even if there is a risk of failure at an impossible project like being able to do saleable art in 90 days, you can do anything you like, just have the desire to work at it!

Oh, and 20% miracle which I'm sure the universe will bless me at some point.

Here's to mark making.


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