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I'm hanging up my wedding shoes BUT that's not it... I'll soon have my very own photography agency!

These are them (shhhhh I've gone through a couple of pairs - that I still have BUT these are them!).

These are my wedding shoes.

I wear them to all my weddings - a bit of good luck and a bit of 'if I click my heels three times... I'll remember 'there's no place like home').

This gives me the edge on a wedding day - the remembrance what family means, what home means; striving for those shots that other photographer say 'nah, burn the list - go documentary' - I'm afraid, for me, that doesn't sit with the images that Nanny and Grandad are going to want to put on their mantelpiece of Little Johnny who got married, and hearing the words of 'Oh, I was so proud!'.

But not only that - I've been hiding. I've been hiding the fact that I'm actually working out some body niggles which now prevents me from being on full-form shooting wise.

So, the words of my coach came floating back to me ... 'why don't you set up a photography agency?' and at the time I was too busy shooting and editing to really take notice of this opportunity floating right in front of me.

How many times have I seen new photographers come into the scene, and lets be honest they're probably going to hang about and learnt as I did - from their mistakes. Sharing out of focus images like they're gods!

The idea floated past like it's had lights around it for about 18 months or so.

As has Pure Connection... (my first book) that has been floating around ... as has Memoirs of a Wedding Photographer (my other book) - my coach tried her best at kicking me up the backside but I guess, sometimes, that momentum can only come from within.

And of course ... Pure Connection for Photographers has always been there - my new way of working with clients. A course that will be available to all and is as raw as hell! Expect to come out the other side wearing a quiff and quite possibly a fake tattoo but hell, loving life, loving photography and hell yeah, loving working with couples!

I have been picked up, spat out, and now is the time for change. My rainbow shoes are now on repeat order!

But more than mantra...

If you take life too seriously? After it's spat you out? Then what do you have?

I much prefer to put it in it's place, march the beat of my song and say.... "fuck it all!" and do what you love, what fills your soul, irrespective of what others think or do.

That's freedom <3


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