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If my couples don't want to have sex after one of my couple shoots, I've not done my job correctly!

As I gaze through my camera lens, I see you.

I see the emotion - dampened down. The awkwardness. The shy smiles and little laughs trying to relive the tension.

As I move around you... therapist, coach, photographer, lover... I know what I crave to see through my lens.

I need to see emotion.

I need to see a connection.

I need you two connecting physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

As I dance my dance, and as my instruction deepens, adding layers to the images.. I see it start to happen.

It's the softening, the roundness, the falling into bodies.

And as I laugh, always laughing and having fun, and I gently say "if you guys don't want to have sex after I've finished here then I've not done my job properly"... the loosening up happens. The laughs are real.

The thing is, I mean it.

If I get a couple to properly connect, then why wouldn't they want to be getting naked the moment they're alone?

Isn't that what my job is about?

To capture the energy of two people in love?

To capture the kisses that are real?

The small touches that happen as a result of hanging out with a cool photographer who actually talks about sex like it's something we have a right to and is normal?

To right it's normal.

We make love to create. We make love to feel close and wanted. We make love to release hormones and release stress with orgasms, and we fill our partner with joy as they see the joy they bring to us.

How does that even relate to being a photographer? Well it kinda doesn't right?

But oh baby.... it so does!

When I work with a couple, I will work until I see it.... Then, and only then, will I see the magic.

Big hugs,

Tan x

ps. I have my upcoming Pure Connection - Couple Shoot workshop coming up! Want to know my tricks to working with a couple in the most open and emotional way without making the couple uncomfortable or cringe? Then this is a 'no miss!' workshop designed by a photographer and therapist for the photographer. You'll learn how to read body language, how to see the smallest of details, how to think about lighting all at the same time as relaxing a couple into intimacy.


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