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New Year... New Beginning... same old, same old...*not*

I thought I'd start the New Year off with more of a therapy based message - just because I can - and I want to.

Last year was a frustrating year for me to say the least, with some of my weddings back-filled by my fantastic team (well, people I pull in who I trust implicitly when the proverbial shit-hits-the-fan).

I have made no cover-up about how my back (and subsequently my whole body's nerves) has really impacted what I love doing - other than to make me reflect on what I CAN deliver and achieve going forward.

So ... New Year ... New Beginning? Nope - just the same old, same old but that sounds so lame right? Well actually, I'm just very thankful for a supportive Doctor who is now listening to me, being able to afford private healthcare, and feeling as though I'm actually starting to stand tall again on my own two feet.

Many photographers may be shaking their heads at such a blatant share... health issues.... *sharp inhale of air... that's oversharing I hear them whisper* - well, no, life happens. Things happen which are outside the control of even a 'perfectly put together and in control Wedding Photographer'.

Ask any one of my clients and they'll tell you how much I love a wedding! I love everything - the before, the during and the after.

For now I'm happy to train other Wedding Photographers on how to be their best version of their business - right from how to communicate with their clients, to body language, to editing, to delivering imagery.

In fact, I was an educator even before I was a therapist. Back in the day before I was an IT Project Manager I was a E-Marketing guru. Before that a Training Manager. Before that a Business Analyst. Before that a Reinsurance Claims bod. Before that a Direct Sales professional selling professional indemnity insurance. Before that I was working in an Engineering firm in their estimating department and before that a secretary (I thank now my then horrible boss who made my life hell as I was learning to touch-type. My now self thanks her for those smacks on the knuckles and tuts from over my shoulder).

Word count currently stands at 140 wpm. Takes a bow.

So this year with zero weddings booked, but much fun to be had, I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to gather all the skills from my past 26 years in full-time work and education (I've never stopped learning) and to put the best bits together with my 140wpm to deliver the best training around.

Not just my best training but in fact a raft of funny, educational books written in collaboration with other professionals - bring a much needed refreshing lift to the Wedding Industry (it's far to serious for me to be honest - and far too bitchy if you're not careful - with far too many photographers shaking their heads at rules being broken - oooooo the rules!).

Not only will it be the best? It will be the funniest. It will be uplifting and inspiring. It will be my best work to date.

As I step into the next obvious place for myself and my family, I'd like to wish you all the best for 2020 and know that this year won't be the same old, same old, but will actually be my best year yet!

I look forward to educating only the most driven and the most talented photographers - who may, *shhhhh* end up servicing your wedding under my banner... but that's news for another day.


ps - you can still have me service your wedding as Creative Director; anybody can shoot a camera with the correct instructions ... I know many who shoot in auto even *I know right!?* but it takes somebody unique to really look at whats in front of them and to truly work with their clients with an open heart and with love. Let me not put a camera in front of my face and let me work with you for your very best images (I can shout out settings for a camera easily... if that's what your photographer needs).

I can also help you plan your very special day, using some of the very best suppliers around - we can use my secret black book to do this - eeeekkkk.

Then allow me to really structure your day as it should be - without the constraints of chefs, moving tables, registrars... I'll work with you to achieve your special day how you see it - maybe it's having some alone time which is super important to you, or group shots that don't take forever to achieve, or your couple shots that only somebody who knows you can direct with soul.

Contact me for more details :) I'd love to work with you.


07525 015262

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