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Photographers when you're too mean on yourself...

Remember we're all human! I did this recently ... my Daughter hit her Sweet Sixteen Birthday and I took some quick shots outside.

By quick... I had 2 mins tops.

I uploaded the images and swore under my breath... I'd missed focus by a fags paper. To a layman this wouldn't matter but I'm so used to reviewing images and anything less than perfect gets deleted - straight into the trash.

Now what do I do? These are precious Sweet 16 images!

I deleted them.

Disappointed beyond words.

That was nearly a week ago.

Of course, I kept the images on the SD card. I uploaded them again.

Now? Now I love them of course! I can be so mean on myself. I know I got carried away in the moment, I took the shot which happened in a heartbeat and any other photographer may have missed it too. I'm her Mumma Bear and I just took the shot. I had a moment in time to capture pure fun.

We are human. Sometimes things work out. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes an image, even if it's not 'perfect' is perfect.

Here are the images.

What do you see?

My heart feels the love that two people, Mumma Bear and Daughter goofing about with some balloons and her first 'grown up' dress.

I'll be printing these off for sure.

But next time you go to delete something not perfect? Instead look at the feeling of the shot - sometimes having the image is WAY better than not having it - even if's not perfect. Even if you have to make it black and white (you'll get away with a multitude of sins then).

For these, I love the sunset which matched the dress tonality and the balloons perfectly so I'll keep the colours. For now.

Remember your job as a photographer is more than just handing over perfectionalism, it's about delivering moments of 'feels'.

We don't get to doctor those moments away. Tuck them into the trash. Don't shy away from the fact that you saw a shot, a fleeting moment, something that in years to come is going to mean the world to somebody, even if it's not now.

Convert it to black and white, make it moody, I swear they'll love it!

Leaving a legacy is so much more than being perfect. It's about missing something by a fag paper but still loving it just the same. It's about the journey of life. It's the moments and memories that may otherwise be forgotten.

It's about the reflection in the balloons and not just the balloon. One day, my Sweet Sixteen Daughter will be able to find me there. Sharing this moment in time. Sharing the goofing around out in the cold. Looking into her soul.

So, print them off, celebrate them.

Give your clients those black and whites.

You'll thank yourself.


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