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Selling Saturday!

Us creatives love to create, but sometimes find it difficult to take time to actually sell what we love.

So from now on, I have Selling Saturdays - so if you ever need anything - a special image you want framed? I'll give you a quote. If you want a canvas? I'll give you a quote, no issues.

Not only will I give you a quote? All of my products are high-end Lux meaning that the images will last for 100 years. What a beautiful legacy to leave for your family or to gift to another family.

Please, if you have your wedding images on a USB? Don't leave them on there - go through them... choose 100 and ask for a quote to have them professionally printed. It won't cost as much as you think.

Look at this! A canvas like this is available with me for £395 - this is a WOW product at 25 x 100cm (that's a whole meter!) and would look incredible above a fireplace or behind a sofa.

You can also have canvasses which really give a WOW factor:

These for example are available as a package for £950! Imagine having these on your wall - they're big, they're beautiful and they're such a beautiful way of showing off your family imagery.

Of course, I also do albums - ranging from the very affordable £495 right up to a legacy item for handing down through the generations at £4,000 (and I bet I could design one at even more money).

I mean look at these right? How can anybody say they can't afford to have an album designed and shown off to your family and friends?

I can design these from £495 - I personally love the 20 x 30 format because I shoot my images for displaying in an album of this size. 50 pages (25 spreads) will display your very best images in the very best way.

I'm a professional photographer. I offer professional graded items for you to display your beautiful imagery. I do the first pass at putting your album together and then we bun-fight any changes ... I love taking your input and swapping images in and out. 100% of my clients have been WOW'd by the albums.

I can take work from other photographers as long as I don't have to edit any of the images. Any images that need editing needs to be cleared with the original photographer as they hold copyright (even if they've given you express permission to print).

If you're one of my clients who hasn't got around to ordering your album, prints or wall art? Grab me - it's Selling Saturday (but for me? Every day is a selling day... but I quite love the name and it's what I'll teach my photography trainees to implement). Every week should have a selling day right?

I LOVE shooting my images ... but to see the end result? Printed images? Makes my flipping heart sing!

Tanya :)

(Creative Director)


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