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What are your personal non-negotiables?

I love journalling, and believe me that hasn't always been the case, I used to hate it. The very thought of having to sit down and write about ... well, 'this and that' was enough to have me running for the hills... well not quite running, I haven't run since my London Marathon in 2008! Traumatised into hanging my trainers up.

So, I live by a list of non-negotiables now (that doesn't include running - I actually hate running); but I don't mind lifting weights when my body allows, and the odd bit of swimming.

2020 holds hope of a slimmer, fitter body to go with new medication, which, after a talk with God seems to be working way better than I thought it would!

I'm now able to even cook a meal standing, which is incredible! Daily I push my limits and boundaries around what I can and can't do. Actually it was after watching Iron Cowboy on Netflix (gah! Don't tel the coach!) that I actually sat and thought about how we can push through pain and being uncomfortable. 50, 50, 50. Is my new motto. This guy did 50 iron mans, in 50 states, in 50 days.

I'm in awe. I have also watched Lance Armstrong again, a one-upon-a-time avid Tour watcher... I still can't believe that I was hook-line-and-sinker into him not doping. Even so, what he achieved I think is incredible after cancer - doping or no doping... ooooo controversial but you should know me better by now.

So as I continue to fill myself with inspiration around moving the body - I remember my one thing on my bucket list that eats away at me, year after year. Climing to base camp, Everest.

I've had a love affair with all manner of media around Everest. I watch every movie. Read every book. I'm in awe of those that climb, risking life to summit. I'm not sure if it's the stupidity of it or not that holds me hooked - but by the time I'm 50 I'd like to have that ticked off and put to 'bed' so to speak.

I wonder what your non-negotialbles are? Mine?

I always feel better when I shower in the morning - so that's on the list. Believe me when it's a busy house, us Mum's often don't get to shower until later but I'm now able to rise before the children to deal with my own self-care first. Next is hair and make-up.

Journalling is a must, as is some meditation - these things needn't take long but are part of my daily self-care routine - as is reading inspirational books. Then I have to make time for 'normal' reading too for my degree so I read the great classics - and some newer classics which I'm not sure I like or not but teach me anyway.

Cooking fresh (when I can, I am realistic that I can't always) - I love the smell of fresh garlic and ginger cooking :) and of course looking after my babies - and at least a bed-time story after 'bath, bottle and bed'.

So tell me... what are yours? Do you have a list? Do you make sure your oxygen mask is well maintained? I'd love to hear from you. Comment below.

This is Brooke's non-negotiable - bringing it to the stage <3.


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