• Tanya Alexanda

Why I decided to follow 'Soul'

When you are constantly working with people around 'change' you come across lots of strategies for how to live your life - the fullest and most meaningful way possible.

This is popularly called following your 'Soul'. Working from Soul. Following your higher calling. Doing what you're aligned with, what feels better than great and what really fills you up with love.

And hence my letting go of what didn't set my Soul on fire, and directly into what does!

I'm waiting for you and I'm asking to work with you. Not cap in hand but heart and soul laid bare to capture your most special day.

If you're having an alternative wedding... if you feel the air in your nose from the fresh air and the breeze and you dare to be different ... you are for me.

I'm also embracing teaching everything I know - all that I've learned over shooting in excess of 200 weddings since the very start. The mistakes I've made and how not to make them.

Born... Tan's Photography Academy - my new baby! Launching in Feb 2019 with my new book!

For now? Time to play... time to shake off this year and move straight into creativity, flow and more importantly Soul.

All I do is what I love.

This is me .. so fucking excited!


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