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Why I'm working towards creativity and stepping away from photography...

One of the greatest blessings is life is being able to 'take a break' from the daily grind of work, even if it's not necessarily grind. Even if it's fun work, work you love with all your heart, if you're forced to take a break it can be a total blessing.

I've stepped away from constantly shooting my cameras (I always shoot with two at weddings, sometimes three), as I've been allowed to breathe without the constant hectic merry-go-round of charging and cleaning equipment, coming home in the dead-of-night with eyes half-shut as you back up SD cards with a glass of wine.

I loved it! I did, I truly did, and one day I will again - I know this in my bones. But (and yep I really did start that at the beginning of a sentence, breaking all the rules!), I'll do it differently, maybe only offering just black and white, or how about your wedding shot on an iphone? Oooooohhhh Tan! How could you dare suggest such a thing? Do your research people! It's already been done - and has already won awards.

It's these ideas of creativity that keeps me excited for shooting weddings; being daring enough and sure enough in my camera skills that means I can shoot on anything and deliver beautiful images.

More than just photography, having a break means I get to 'play' - I have a whole playground to play in - from acrylic pouring onto canvas, to dipping into women's intimate care, to supporting plus size women, to acrylic nails.

Why can't I have it all? Why can't I do all that I love? Why can't I do it all?

Because some arsehole (yup) came up with a saying "Jack of all Trades, Master of none"... seriously? 🤦🏻‍♀️

Bullshit! I've mastered photography and proved myself in the industry. I have a book on amazon. I'll have another soon. Maybe one a bit more serious this time - who knows?

A creative writing degree being worked towards.

A daily journey of kids drop off, costa run or stop, writing, home to journal, meditation, working on yearly plan, learn something new, make sure I keep up with my mastermind groups, school run, Mumma duties, more learning.

I don't need to 'give myself a label' I do what I do. And I do it with love. And I break some rules along the way.

Know this though - you'll never appreciate how joyful my heart is to be free of judgement, of the binds of a title - "I'm Tanya Alexanda, Creative Queen, pleased to meet you".

I'll take you on my journey.

For now, this happened this weekend: my first set of acrylic nails - thank you for my wonderful daughter for sitting for me 🌺... I did get the little extra acrylic on the middle nail for those of you that are keen eyed enough to see it ⭐️


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