Newborn Reportage Shoot

I have stepped away from studio shoots for newborns.  That may seem like madness considering I have my beautiful studio all set up ready for newborns.


I so strongly believe that newborns should be kept in the home enviroment that I absolutely refuse to put a baby in a bucket for a shoot.


What I do think is that babies should be kept at home, in the warm, fed on demand and allowed to sleep.  It's what they do right?


So why do photographers insisit on taking them out of their beautiufl enviroment to something so sterile and new and think that the shot of their baby in a basket is going to be what a family wants and desires?


For some maybe.  


For me? I want to see baby skin on skin, in their home environment.  I want to smell the home and the love, I want and crave to see the environment where your beautiful bundle is being brought into.


You know why? This is exactly what you'll want to see in 20 years time and in 40 years time? You can bet your bottom dollar that your baby will be all over the details in those beautiufl images.


I don't restrict you on images either... some photographers do.  No idea why.  If I love what I shoot (which who wouldn't) so why only hand over 5 images?  I'll never understand that.  So it's not how we operate.


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